Software Products

RAS is a web-based enterprise class suite of risk assessment tools designed to ensure consistent and accurate recording of all relevant risk within an organisation. It runs in stand-alone and networked environments, and provides companies with relevant information that allows risk within the business to be managed. The software allows companies to define their company-specific information such as organisational structure, employee data, occupational structure and risk assessment matrix.

Key Functions
  • Organisational structure, business processes and activities tracking
  • Recognised standardised methodologies
  • Project management of risk assessments
  • Data recording including current and suggested controls
  • Rich data mining, allowing detailed, company or organisational risk registers
  • Data analysis via built-in filtering criterion
  • Standardised report generation
  • Action management (internal or external sources of actions)
  • Dashboard tracking key areas of risk
  • Quick links to outstanding actions, assessments, last data point, last report accessed, as well as quick search facilities
  • Risk register logging and revision tracking

RCAT (Root Cause Analysis Technique)

RCAT ® is a web-based enterprise class incident reporting, recording, analysis and follow-up tool. The "Analysis" module is modelled on the well renowned and market tested IRCA RCAT® root causes investigation methodology – an IRCA copyrighted methodology.

RCAT® - (Root Cause Analysis Technique) is a structured step by step technique that focuses on finding the real cause of problems and dealing with that, rather than continuing to deal with its symptoms.

RCAT is a procedure for ascertaining and analyzing the root cause of a problem in an effort to determine what happened, why it happened and what can be done to prevent it from happening again. RCAT showcases IRCA’s effective interface, which is powerful yet easy to use. Designed and developed on new Microsoft's .Net technology, it provides a better managed and more efficient environment to the users. RCAT is a web-based enterprise class incident reporting, recording, analysis and follow-up tool. It allows organization using the RCAT application to have customer satisfaction, which has powerful sorting, filtering and searching facilities. This application not only addresses the requirement and analysis, but also gives the corrective action measures. This helps to generate reports based the analysis and incidents reported.

Key Functions
  • Incident report
  • Evidence / data tracking, storage and retrieval
  • Incident risk classification
  • Investigation facilitation
  • Cause analysis via RCAT investigation methodology
  • Incident workflow enforcement via access control and business rules
  • Complete traceability via detailed audit trail and access control
  • Data analysis via built-in analytical report

BBS (Behaviour Based Care) Software

BBC software is a web-based enterprise class behaviour process management tool. It provides graphs that will enable the client to identify leading indicators to possible accidents, and to determine existing trends. The graphs enable the client to drill down into the smallest detail to locate the problem areas.

Any reports regarding the critical tasks, critical behaviour and critical conditions can be generated. This can be done on a global or a micro scale such as specific work areas or teams.

No plug-ins are required and the software can be configured to fit any client’s company structure. The user interface gives it an application-like look, feel and usability. It comes standard with a number of standard enterprise components- like logging, authentication / authorization (for complete and detailed level of access control).

This enables the client to choose a software product that suits their information technology environment. It has a user friendly interface that makes it possible for anyone to use. The BBC software makes use of a SQL Server that means that all the data is traceable and available for all auditing purposes. It also enables the client to determine trends.

The BBC Software has been designed and developed to specifically support the behaviour based process. The process is implemented at all levels in an organization and uses the group dynamics in a team to obtain compliance behaviour. Teams identify the critical behaviours of every task they have to perform, then, through a process of behaviour modeling, observation, and feedback, the required behaviours are habituated among the team members.

Key Functions
  • Client / Business unit data management
  • Data analyses via inbuilt analytical reports
  • Manage observation types
  • Manage behavioural observations
  • View conformance and non-conformance reports
  • Track behavioural trends
  • To identify leading indicators to possible accidents
  • Determine existing trend
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