Security Risk Services


Executive trips, particularly those in difficult environments, require thorough preparation and planning in order to minimize possible serious inconveniences and risks to travellers. In the context of Travel Risk Management, IRCA Security Risk Division provides assistance by:

  • Compiling up-to-date reports on existing local safety and security conditions
  • Dispatching a consultant to the location(s) where assistance is required
  • Assessing risks and threats that may impact on the planned trip
  • Assessing airports, neighbourhoods, routes, hotels, business and residential premises in relation to actual conditions, risks, etc
  • Liaising with host companies, airport authorities and handlers, hotel management, transportation and local security providers
  • Verifying planned risk reduction measures
  • Adopting risk intervention measures tailored to the trip requirements

Notwithstanding the adoption of specific threat reduction measures, the possibility still exists for a threat to materialise and cause harm.

In such a case, it is necessary for companies and organizations to be prepared on how to manage the event in order to ensure the most appropriate response and allow for business continuity through effective emergency planning and crisis response preparedness.

In this context, IRCA Security Risk Division prepares or reviews existing emergency plans within corporate processes in order to assist clients with the management of specific risks such as violent crime, kidnapping for ransom, terrorism and evacuation from troubled areas.


IRCA assists international shipping companies, ship and yacht owners with security advice and risk management solutions in the Gulf and other coastal areas. IRCA strive to provide preventative deployment and deliver the highest quality of services with our maritime specialist teams.

Our services include:

  • Pre-departure risk assessment
  • Ship inspections
  • Physical security infrastructure
  • Armed or unarmed security teams
  • Intelligence support and reports
  • Crew training

The leaking of information through sophisticated eavesdropping equipment is an ever-present threat.

This aggressive attack ranges within small businesses and large corporations and even non-profit organisations by unscrupulous activist groups.

To identify and localize these possible threats IRCA Security Risk Division conducts counter surveillance surveys for many blue chip organisations utilising the latest available technologically advanced detection equipment.

What is Industrial Espionage?

"Corporate or Industrial Espionage involves operations conducted by one corporation against another for the purpose of acquiring a competitive advantage in domestic or global markets." Essentially, it is the process of collection of information and data related to economic or industrial targets for the purpose of making a profit.


Given the mobility of individuals, and need for companies to employ expatriates in senior, and often sensitive positions, it becomes exceedingly important to monitor and investigate potential employees due to all the risks involved including;

  • Criminal Records
  • Non disclosure of material facts
  • Access to Intellectual Property
  • Cash Management, etc.

IRCA Security Risk Division has access to various systems and database’s to verify credentials of potential employees, such as (but not limited to):

  • Qualification Verification
  • Criminal Records
  • Identity Verification
  • Director Search
  • Consumer Trace
  • Deeds Person Search
  • Consumer Credit Profile
  • Credit Reports

IRCA Security Risk Division and its team of experts provide its clients with cost effective, accurate and professional services, and adapt to each client’s portfolio simply as a result of many years’ experience in both corporate and small to medium client service delivery.

IRCA Middle East offers the following HSE services:
  • Auditing
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Coaching and Assurance
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Environmental Risk and Sustainability
  • Legal Services
  • Organisational Development & Behaviour Interventions
  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Risk
  • Sourcing and Placement of HSE specialists
  • Software Solutions
  • Training and Education

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