Security Risk Division Hotline

IRCA Security Risk Division specialises in providing a professional toll-free employee friendly hotline for clients to adhere to the suggested guidelines of Corporate Governance and related legislation.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we provide a world class call centre with legal professionals and Health and Safety practitioners who are able to assist clients, 24/7, with more than 350 call takers over and above the legal team.

Relevant legislation such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act and / or Mine Health and Safety Act require that a healthy and safe working environment be created for all employees and that a duty vests on both employers and employees to report any unsafe or unhealthy situation that comes to their attention.

Specific requirements as prescribed by the Protected Disclosures Act, requires anonymous disclosures to be made to legal advisors through a professional structure.

IRCA Security Risk Division provides a formal confidential reporting structure on behalf of clients for their shareholders, employees, suppliers, contractors and clients / customers to report practices or activities in conflict with relevant legislation, the client’s business principles, or dangers to the health and safety of employees or the environment. The information received will only be privy to the client’s delegated representative(s) who in turn will decide which actions to take in the best interest of the organisation.

The service also provides direct professional liaison with legal advisors and medical practitioners who provides advice on all aspects relating to health and safety, medical and legal matters.

IRCA Security Risk Division is committed to assist its clients to deal with the various aspects of risk – the risks that come with business opportunity, such as a new market entry or a business partnership; and the negative risks that arise from situations such as fraud or threats to physical security.

The IRCA Security Risk Division Hotline is an anonymous real time Corporate Governance, and Health & Safety reporting line which assists in creating a culture of a safe working environment.

IRCA Security Risk Division assists in identifying possible high risks prior to it materialising:

  • The IRCA Security Risk Division Hotline is an employee-friendly, toll-free, reporting line;
  • The IRCA Security Risk Division Hotline can be utilized to facilitate an internal customer and employees complaints / compliments hotline whilst ensuring impartiality, objectivity, fairness and confidentiality;
  • IRCA Security Risk Division provides for adherence to Corporate Governance, Occupational Health and Safety, National Environmental Management Protection Areas, National Environmental Waste Management, Mine Health and Safety, Corporate Governance, Protected Disclosures and many more

IRCA Security Risk Division is a superlative management tool which:

  • Offers employees the opportunity to report, and indirectly right wrongdoing within their company;
  • Provides the opportunity for any employee or contractor to notify and report any irregularities or Health and Safety related issues, to the call centre;
  • Establishes a platform to raise concerns within or about the organization with management and shareholders; thus providing re-active measures to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.
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