Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments include career fit test, security at work, personality at work, driver’s aptitude tests, entrepreneurship potential and aptitude-

APTITUDE: Career-Fit Assessments

CAP: Comprehensive Aptitude Profile Assessment

Who: Scholars, Students, Job Seekers and new recruits and any person who wants to know what the best career or specialization subjects for them to follow is

Target Market

  • All private sectors companies who want to recruit or screen new employees
  • All public sectors departments who want to place new recruits in the correct jobs
  • Public and Private schools to assist scholars in choosing their subjects and guiding them in a career direction
  • Colleges and Universities to assist students in choosing their subjects and guiding them in a career direction
DAP: Driver Aptitude Profile Assessment

This assessment specializes in the field of driving and was especially designed for the Driver Fraternity in the economy of today. It is assessing the critical human factors that differentiate between people who perform the driver function in a professional way (doing driving as a work/job).

Target Market

  • Companies who want to determine if a person is suited to be a driver
  • Industries: Oil and Gas, Construction, Logistics, transport
  • Government Sector: Traffic Police
COPAS: Cognitive & Potential Assessment

This assessment will determine the potential of a recruit or employee in regards to what level he can study or advance in his career.It is a highly successful and accurate instrument that gives a clear indication of an individual’s potential for success. This is not an IQ test, but an assessment specifically designed for the work place.


Measuring the integrity of the people you wish to employ can be very important in a range of industries, such as banking, finance, retail, military and security industries. We have various assessments to determine the trustworthiness, loyalty, honesty, work ethic, reliability etc. of employees and future employees.


We offer you the Certified Culture of Integrity model/process that (can) lead to the registration of your entire organisation as a Culture of Integrity entity. It is an integrated model represented by a well-established growth model that was officially certified in 1994 and is based on the registered IP-200; the latter being in its very essence a Developmental instrument in the Integrity sphere.

It is a very powerful process that unleashes an inner energy and self-perpetuating growth process that results in differentiating your organisation as a truly winning organisation that is registered as a Culteg-organisation with Culteg (Pty) Ltd that was especially established as an independent company to exclusively serve this purpose.

  • Fundamentally Healthy Organisations with high Integrity proof also to be those functioning at sustained high efficiency levels even under difficult circumstances – truly winner organisations rather than merely successful organisations. Such organisations are characterised by their inner drive, the adherence to the basic values of life and accepting full responsibility for their own actions not only as corporate entities, but also as individual (staff) members. These organisations have one thing in common; Integrity.
Personality at Work: PAW

The PAW is an effective assessment to assist companies to place their existing employees in the correct environment within the work place. It will supply the employer information in regards to the employees Doing and Work orientation, Self& Perception orientation, Thinking & Styles orientation, People and Relations orientation, and Emotions and Feelings orientation.

In many cases employers have the correct employees with the correct skills and training, but these employees are not placed in the position or job which is best suited for them. By placing those according to their personality in the correct position the company will have more productive employees who will succeed and grow to benefit of the company and the employee.

Who uses Psychometric Assessments?

Psychometric assessments are used by all types of organisations in all sectors of private and public enterprise. Many large international companies only employ or interview job seekers who have completed a career fit or some kind of psychometric assessment. They do this to assist them in their employment decision making as it leads to lower levels of employee turnover and increased performance.

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